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Leading Independent Proxy Advisory Firm ISS Recommends that Farmer Bros. Stockholders Vote "FOR" All Three Farmer Bros. Co. Director Nominees

Farmer Bros. Urges Stockholders to Protect the Value of Their Investment and Vote "FOR" Farmer Bros' Director Nominees on the GOLD Proxy Card

FT. WORTH, Texas, Nov. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Farmer Bros. Co. (NASDAQ: FARM, the "Company" or "Farmer Bros.") today announced that leading independent proxy firm, Institutional Shareholder Services ("ISS"), has recommended that Farmer Bros. stockholders vote "FOR" all three of the Farmer Bros. highly-qualified and experienced director nominees – Michael H. Keown, Charles F. Marcy and Christopher P. Mottern – on the GOLD proxy card in connection with the Company's 2016 Annual Meeting of Stockholders to be held on December 8, 2016.

In its November 23, 2016 report, ISS concludedi:

"As the dissident has failed to make a compelling case that change at the board level is necessary, no support for the dissident nominees is warranted. Shareholders should vote on the GOLD management card FOR management nominees Keown, Marcy, and Mottern."
(Emphasis added)

In supporting ALL three Farmer Bros. nominees to the Board of Directors at the 2016 Annual Meeting, ISS also stated in its reporti:

"It seems difficult to dispute the fact that the current board and CEO have been the main driver behind the turnaround of Farmer Bros., having delivered an impressive improvement of the company fundamentals and strong appreciation of the company's stock, from $11.83 in 2012 to $34.10 in 2016."

In commenting on the Company's operating performance and capital allocation decisions, ISS stated:

"In fact, since the current CEO's tenure started, the company has delivered solid absolute and relative performance over any period analyzed."

"Furthermore, management's capital allocation decisions do not appear to be misguided. Using the move to Texas as an example, the cost of [the] new plant is between $120 million and $129 million and it is expected to save between $18 million to $20 million in costs per year. If only costs savings are considered in a ROIC analysis, this new plant will generate a ROIC between 9 percent and 11 percent, which is above the company's WACC. While the relocation appears to have been a good decision from a logistics and cost standpoint, investments made in Torrance were apparently necessary to address safety concerns, and therefore do not seem to undermine the logic of the move to Texas, as the dissident group suggests."

ISS also recognized that the Farmer Bros. Board is committed to strong corporate governance and to acting in the best interest of ALL stockholders, noting:

"…the company's overall governance also appears to have improved substantially in recent years, often as a direct result of the contributions of directors like Mottern and Marcy, the two most recently added members. For instance, the board only appears to have instituted a governance committee following Marcy's addition to the board."

Additionally, ISS agreed that the Waite Group has offered NO plan and that its hand-picked nominees lack qualifications, experience and independence: 

"The dissident has also failed to demonstrate that it is adequately prepared to address any downside risks associated with this contest: although an election victory would leave the dissident group with a majority of the board, none of the members of such a reconstituted board seem to possess any outside board experience or relevant industry knowledge or operational expertise beyond that gained during their years at the company. The lack of relevant experience of certain members of the dissident slate also raises serious concerns as to whether the dissident group's interests are truly aligned with those of unaffiliated shareholders."
(Emphasis added)

"Furthermore, the dissident group has likewise failed to present any future plan for the company that is clearly superior to the strategy developed by the current board—which has demonstrated strong results."

Commenting on the ISS report, Farmer Bros. issued the following statement:

The recommendation from ISS to support ALL THREE of Farmer Bros. highly qualified and experienced director nominees reaffirms what we have said all along – Farmer Bros. needs a Board that has the right combination of critical food industry expertise, C-level executive leadership experience, operational and financial skills and company knowledge – and that is focused on the interests of ALL stockholders.

As ISS recognizes, under the leadership and direction of the current Board as well as Mr. Keown, President and Chief Executive Officer, Farmer Bros. continues to successfully execute a turnaround plan that is creating substantial value for all stockholders. In fact, since March 13, 2012, when the Board appointed Mr. Keown, Farmer Bros.' stock price has appreciated over 225%, representing strong value creation of over $400 million for stockholders. In that timeframe, the Company's total stockholder return outperformed the Russell 2000 Index, as well as the Food Processing Index. Additionally, the Company's total stockholder return has consistently outperformed both the S&P 500 and its peer set over almost any timeframe since 2012.ii

We strongly believe that the Waite Group's nominees lack the qualifications and experience necessary to deliver positive financial results and superior stockholder value and would add no value to the Board. In addition, the Waite Group's nominees have deep personal ties that would compromise the independence of the Board.  Electing the Waite Group nominees puts your investment at risk by effectively placing control of the Board in the Waite Group's hands, which would put the Company's leadership at risk and would derail the Company's proven turnaround plan.

We strongly urge stockholders to follow ISS's recommendation and protect their investment by voting "FOR" Farmer Bros. director nominees – Michael H. Keown, Charles F. Marcy and Christopher P. Mottern on the GOLD proxy card.

Farmer Bros. reminds stockholders that every vote is important, no matter how many or how few shares it represents. The Company urges all stockholders to use the GOLD proxy card to vote "FOR" the Company's highly-qualified and experienced director nominees TODAY. 


Your Vote Is Important, No Matter How Many or How Few Shares You Own


If you have any questions or require any assistance with respect to voting your shares, please contact the Company's proxy solicitor at the contact listed below:




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Important Additional Information and Where to Find It
Farmer Bros. Co. has filed a definitive proxy statement and accompanying proxy card with the SEC in connection with the solicitation of proxies from the Company's stockholders in connection with the matters to be considered at the Company's 2016 Annual Meeting. Additional information regarding the identity of participants, and their direct or indirect interests, by security holdings or otherwise, is set forth in the Company's definitive proxy statement, including the schedules and appendices thereto.


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Copies of the definitive proxy statement (including any supplements or amendments), the accompanying proxy card, and any other documents filed by the Company with the SEC are available free of charge at the SEC's website at Copies are available free of charge at the Investor Relations section of the Company's website at

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i Permission to use quotations neither sought nor obtained.
ii Stock price appreciation, stockholder value and total stockholder return from 03/13/2012 through 09/28/2016.

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